Business as Usual 

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JIM MASSEY Global Corporate Executive, Board Member, Speaker, Author, Thought Leader


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What we do as leaders in the coming decade will shape the climate of our planet, our global economy and our future.

If we want to thrive tomorrow, we need to take a leap of faith. How?

Business as Usual 

We unleash our teams to operate at the speed and point of business.

And we embrace THREE, pivotal shifts:

  1. We choose CLARITY over CERTAINTY.
  3. We take ACTION over INACTION.

That’s how we experience breakthroughs, all-in engagement, and solve our greatest challenges.

That’s how we build the organizations we need for tomorrow.

And that’s how we create a better future—for all of us.

About Jim

For more than two decades, Jim Massey has used his Business As Usual  model to unleash those around him to create the first, the next, and the impossible.

With a career that spans over 25 years and six continents, he is considered one of the world’s leading strategic practitioners. An internationally respected thought leader on trust, sustainability, and ethics, his vision is always to build our next through industry-leading change.

Jim has used Business as Usual  to drive numerous groundbreaking initiatives over the years—leading teams to transform the healthcare landscape, take action on climate change, achieve leadership and pay equity, and much more.

At 25, he joined Johnson & Johnson, one of the world’s most trusted companies, as one of its youngest marketers. Leveraging the Business As Usual ™ model, he sparked a cultural shift that propelled one of the organization’s fastest commercial launches in its history.

In just a year at AstraZeneca, he developed a cutting-edge compliance program that enabled the business to respond in real-time to new business opportunities. This pioneering work earned him recognition as one of Compliance Week Magazine’s 2019 Top Minds.

With no environmental background, he empowered his teams to lay the groundwork for one of the boldest environmental programs in the world—now recognized as the global standard for achieving Net Zero.

Jim is driven by the belief that humans create systems to make sense out of chaos—but there are times when those systems don’t work.

Business as Usual  frees us from those systems, so we can unleash our full potential. It’s a story of tomorrow, where trust shapes a better future, and we take bold leaps into the unknown, together.

Jim Massey
Trust in Action

What does it take to change the world? You putting trust in action.

Trust in Action: A Leader’s Guide to Act. Right. Now. is a powerful guide for business leaders who want to build a business that makes an impact beyond profits.

In a world where society is rapidly losing trust in our systems and institutions, it is our business leaders who must step up and lead the way. It all begins with trust.

This book will show you:

  • How to take action where you will have the greatest impact
  • A breakthrough, proven trust model for sparking action
  • What it looks like to drive positive change in any organization
  • Actionable, repeatable approaches for working with teams to tackle today’s toughest problems

Jim’s book is a powerful guide for business leaders who want to build a business that makes an impact beyond profits.